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Innocence & ignorance!!

Fat Pat nominated by The Bok for being DD’s navigator and also being unable to explain the wine estate excursion. She then protested vehemently their innocence & ignorance!!

Wine Estate Excursion

DD nominated by The Bok for her quite extraordinary excursion into a wine estate and completely missing 11 motor bikers + Cruiser performing a U-Turn and going in the opposite direction. It still remains a mystery as to how she ended up in the wine estate and she still cannot explain the logic behind her […]


Every day we get further south. Every day deeper into winter. This morning I had a thick covering of frost on my bike. But clear blue skies. Even wrapped up you cannot keep out the cold for the first hour on the bike. Sam miraculously sorted my wayward handlebars and I was back on the […]

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Safe and Sound.

And so the journey ended. Happily ever after. Not without Felicity getting completely lost this afternoon and Tim being ticked off by the local constabulary. Oh and we lost the Philistine for a good part of the afternoon too. All that said we finally managed to patch the group together in the last five kilometres. […]

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